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Sometimes the information contained on doesn't match up with the information on a State's website especially when it comes to the states they honor. This is due to some states being slow at updating their sites.

We offer this information only to explain why there are some cases where indicates a state honors another state but when you go to that states website, it may indicate something different.

We suggest if there's a conflict between what is posted on and what you see on an official state website that affects you, you should call that states contact phone number and ask for clarification.

As the state websites below are finally updated, you will see the changes on their website, not here. will not post update information for any website outside the domain, which we have no control over.

For example:

On 12/1/11 North Carolina law changed to honor all other states Permit/Licenses. Their website was not updated to reflect this. I contacted them and within the hour their site was updated. I never heard a word back from them but they updated their site. Montana and Wyoming have both told me they will honor the Wisconsin License to Carry. Neither was aware that Wisconsin had listed them as states Wisconsin would honor. Neither of their websites have been updated to show this as of this morning. They told me they would list them but have to say Wyoming has always been a little slow at updating their website.

Colorado will honor all states that honor them. I contacted them and they were not aware that Wisconsin had listed them. Though Colorado will honor anyone who honors them they need something official from Wisconsin stating that Wisconsin honors Colorado. Not a signed agreement but something with an official signature stating Wisconsin honors them. After exchanging a few emails Colorado called Wisconsin and I was informed that official notice from Wisconsin would be forthcoming very shortly. Then Maine has signed agreements with Pennsylvania and Michigan. Both those states have updated their web sites with this info but Maine still has not. PA even has a PDF copy of the signed agreement on their website. Maine signed it 11/1/11. They signed with Michigan around the same time.

As for Official State Web Sites. I have found a few errors on them over the years. I have not found errors on them in the last couple years. To be Fair has had a few errors over the years .But in years past Arkansas listed Massachusetts as a state that would honor the Arkansas Permit/License. It took me 6 months and many emails and even phone calls to get them to remove it from their list. One of the Dakotas, (I forget exactly which one now) a few years back listed Massachusetts as a state that honored their permit/license. It only took one phone call and they removed the listing in less than fifteen minutes.

In the past I have also helped South Carolina and Ohio in their research on other states laws to see what states met their criteria for Reciprocity. States have so many web pages it is difficult for them to keep them all updated. With personnel changes and elections, officials change or get transferred to another department and what web pages they have can be overlooked and not updated. Many times they just need a reminder. Some states are very quick to update their websites with new information. Some are very slow.

Remember - You are responsible for validating your own information.