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The National Rifle Association continues to be the elephant in the room when it comes to National and States firearms legislation. Rather than us trying to keep you informed - Hit this link to the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.  - 8/21/17 -  West Virginia Honors Wisconsin. . . WV, ND and KS Updates.

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League West Virginia Citizen's Defense League (WVCDL) sent out this Update on new laws on carrying in West Virginia and also informed me that West Virginia now honors Wisconsin. It doesn’t really matter since WV went Permitless Carry but they still have a reciprocity law on the books. The WVCDL They have done a tremendous job here in my home state of West Virginia just like many other state orgs are doing in their respective states. If you are not a member of your states Right to Keep and Bear Arms Organization highly recommends you join. Again they are making the difference at the state level.

SB388: School drop off, pickup, and storage.

Individuals with valid CHLs may now pickup, drop-off, and store loaded firearms while on school property. This comes with some very important caveats. The first of these: Do not leave the vehicle while armed. That will still be a felony.
You may have the firearm concealed on your person while you remain in the car in ingress, egress, and parking lots. You may store your firearm in an internal locking compartment affixed to the car, leaving the car locked, if you must leave your vehicle while on school property.

Further, you may not pickup, drop off, or store firearms on school property if you are carrying under "constitutional carry." You must have a CHL to take advantage of this. If you do not have a CHL, just having the loaded gun on school property in your vehicle constitutes a felony.

HB2679: State park carry, County park preemption, and statewide Sunday hunting.

In state parks, it is now lawful to carry a firearm for self-defense purposes. The only exclusion is that long-arms may not be carried in or on park recreation facilities or marked trails within the parks, unless they are in a case. Please note that some parks in WV are Army Corps of Engineers property, and carry of firearms (except in limited circumstances for hunting or range use) is prohibited.
HB 2679 Text
County park commissions are now prohibited from passing rules regulating the carry of firearms.

North Dakota will become Permitless Carry for North Dakota Residents ONLY August 1st.
This only applies to Residents 18 and older who can legally possess a firearm. Non Residents must have a permit/license North Dakota Issues or Honors to carry in North Dakota.

Kansas AG has put out an Opinion stating that Colleges/Universities can have a rule stating firearms carried must be carried with an empty chamber. You can read that opinion Here:  - 6/25/17  -  Nevada Now Honors Oregon. . . . Texas and Tennessee Updates
Nevada has added Oregon to the list of states it will honor. This is the first time can remember when Nevada added a state/s and never removed a state or states from their listing. Things have changed in Nevada on how they honor other states and took local Law Enforcement out of deciding which states Nevada would honor. You can see the listing at

Beginning September 1, 2017 Texas will reduce the cost of obtaining a permit from $140 to $40. It will also reduce renewals to $40.

Starting July 1, 2017  Tennessee will recognize a protective order as a carry permit for 60 days immediately following issuance of the order of protection.
Tennessee has also strengthened its Preemption Law  that goes into effect July 1 which lets those adversely affected by a local ordinance seek relief and recover costs. It also prohibits restricting firearms on County/City Public Buildings/Property unless certain conditions are met to keep firearms off the property.  - 5/25/17 - Updates for UT, GA, OK, NV, Nat. Parks

The state of Utah has put out information on what states will honor their Regular (21 or Older) and Provisional  (18 – 20) Permits.  The chart shows what states honor each permit and for non residents which states you have to have a permit from your home state to apply for their Regular or Provisional Permit. If your state issues permits but doesn’t issue to those 19-20 you can get a Utah Provisional Permit without your states permit.    There is also more information here:

Georgia has made it easy for those moving into Georgia with a Permit Georgia honors. You  now have 90 days to apply and get a Georgia Permit before your former home state permit is no longer valid in Georgia. Knife Rights has also gained another victory. Georgia has expanded  their legal knife length to 12 inches from 4. Knife Rights got State Preemption on all knife laws a couple years back so no local governments can have knife laws more restrictive than the state law.  You can see all of this and more at  

Starting November 1, 2017 Oklahoma will allow any Active Military if 21 years of age or older to carry in Oklahoma on their military ID with no other permit.  Oklahoma will also start issuing permits to 18 to 20 year old Oklahoma Residents who are Active Military. Oklahoma will continue to issue to their non military residents who are 21 or older and honor all other states permit/licenses for those 21 or older.  On this same date Oklahoma will remove the law against carrying your legal defensive firearm on a bus. Oklahoma defines a bus as: 1. "Bus" means a vehicle designed to carry passengers that is part of a network of passenger vehicles for use by the public, running on a regular schedule of routes, times and fares;

Nevada will now issue permits to Active Military or Honorable Discharged/Released Veterans 18 to 20 years old. The Governor signed the bill May 22 and it went into effect immediately. More and more states are starting to issue to Military at 18 while keeping the age for Non-Military Service applicants at 21. wants to advise all Military under 21 who obtain a permit from any state that issues them to be careful and look closely at the laws of any state you are going to visit and use reciprocity to carry there. Some states will honor your states permit but only to those 21 years of age or older.

National Parks:  Carry in National Parks is allowed if you can legally carry in the state the Park is located. This law covers firearms and not Chemical Sprays. Yellowstone did ban chemical sprays after the Firearm Law were revised allowing firearms. They removed the ban a couple years ago and has just found that out. The NRA-ILA has a listing of all National Parks and links to Park Specific Rules/Regulations. It is a handy link to bookmark if you travel to any of the parks.
Below is the federal law that allows for the carrying of firearms in National Parks etc.    Administers  Buildings and other areas a park designate can be off limits but by federal law any place off limits in the Park “Must Be Posted”  per 18 USC Sec. 930.  If they don’t have a sign then there is no violation of Federal Law.

Title 36 Chpt. 1 Part 2 § 2.4 Weapons Traps and Nets.
(h) Notwithstanding any other provision in this Chapter, a person may possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded, and operable firearms within a national park area in accordance with the laws of the state in which the national park area, or that portion there of, is located, except as otherwise prohibited by applicable federal law.

Chapter 50 Chapter 1 Part 27 § 27.42 Firearms.
(e) Notwithstanding any other provision in this Chapter, persons may possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded, and operable firearms within a national wildlife refuge in accordance with the laws of the state in which the wildlife refuge, or that portion thereof, is located, except as otherwise prohibited by applicable federal law.  - 4/19/17 -  Changes Coming in UT, GA, OK, ID & IA Firearm Laws

Utah will start issuing Provisional Permits May 9, 2017. The Provisional Permit is for those 18 – 20 Year olds and expires on their 21st Birthday. They can then convert it to a regular permit. It takes the same criteria to apply as for the Regular Permit. Those with Provisional Permits CAN NOT carry in Schools like those with a Regular Permit. If you apply for their Non-Resident Provisional or Regular and are from a state that honors the Utah Permit you have to have a permit from your home state. More info can be found at

Georgia has amended their reciprocity law and removes the stipulation that a state that honors them does not have to honor permits issued to those under 21. This amendment was caused because the Georgia Attorney General would not honor the Virginia Permit because Virginia would not honor permits issued to those under 21. The Virginia Citizens Defense League is warning VA residents not to carry outside their vehicle in Georgia just yet but wait on the GA AG to list Virginia as a state they honor. You can read the bill as passed and is in effect immediately at
HB*406*2017-2018 Regular Session
GA AG Press Releases where he this announcement may show up -
GA AG Reciprocity Listing -

November 1, 2017 Oklahoma only issues to residents 21 or older but will start issuing to resident military 18-20. The Addition to the law states:
Be twenty-one (21) years of age, or
b. eighteen (18) years of age but not yet twenty-one (21) years of age and the person is a member or veteran of the United States Armed Forces, the Reserves or National Guard, or the person was discharged under honorable conditions from the United States Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard; Bill Information

July 1 2017 Idaho law will allow Active Military to carry in Idaho without a permit. Idaho allows Residents over 21 to carry without a permit and anyone 18 or older to carry outside the Corporation Limits of any city/town without a permit. The Law just added any Active Military personnel along with Residents over 21 can carry in city and towns without a permit.

July 1 Iowa will have some major changes in their carry laws. Concealed Carry with a permit in the State Capitol Buildings and grounds. Emergency powers law updated to restrict the government from banning the carrying of firearms during an emergency. Preemption law strengthened, Application and license holders information will no longer be public information and changes on carrying on a Snowmobile/ATV have been updated again. You can read the bill at

Then you have bills like Oklahoma Senate Bill 833 Bill Information This is a clean up bill. All states pass them and they contain corrections for numerous places in a states statutes. Grammar errors or even wording that was copied wrong in the bill that passed. This OK SB made many corrections and the one concerning firearms corrected the wording as two different bills were passed with different wording for the same section in the statutes. Most of these changes don’t change the meaning of a law but they can and they are the most difficult to see and make note of on

The above will be added to on their effective date or early with an effective date stated in the entry.  - 3/30/17 - ND Permitless Carry. . . AR Enhanced License. . . DC Repeals Stun Gun Ban

North Dakota -  The permitless carry bill that passed goes into effect August 1, 2017.  The North Dakota Attorney General has put out information on the New Law.  It is for Residents of North Dakota and they have to be a resident for at least one year. You can read what the North Dakota Attorney put out about the new law here:

Arkansas is will give an endorsement to an Arkansas Permit  (Enhanced License) that will allow Arkansas Permit Holders to carry in a lot more places. They have to have what they are saying is 8 hours of Active Shooter Training. The law doesn’t go into effect until later this year but it will be the first of 2018 before the first endorsement is issued as the Arkansas State Police have until then to set the rules on the Training and what is required. This is the only copy of the bill I can find at this time.

DC has repealed their ban on stun guns and repealed their registration of Chemical Sprays. This is not DC turning more Self Defense conscious but from a court ruling.  You can read the bill as passed here:
Do be advised that DC writes bills that change laws in a way that makes them very difficult to follow. You will see what I mean if you go to the bill and read it.

There are a lot more changes coming in the months ahead in the different states. 2015 was a very busy year for for changes. 2016 was even busier  and 2017 looks like it will be a banner year for changes. will try its best to keep you informed of changes in the coming months.  - 2/15/17 - SC Honors MS Enhanced… DE Changes It Rules. . . NH Permitless Carry…  OH and IL

South Carolina has added the Mississippi Enhanced Permit to the list of permits it will honor. This brings to 23 the number of States South Carolina Honors. South Carolina only honors Resident Permits from the states it honors.

Delaware stopped honoring the North Dakota Class 2 Permit. They are now stating they will only honor the ND Class 1. ND issues two classes of permits. Delaware has also announced that starting September 23, 2017 that they will no longer honor any non-resident permit from the states they honor.        

New Hampshire will most likely go Permitless Carry. Late last week the  bill was passed and sent to the Governor who stated he would sign it. It takes time for the legislature to get the paperwork done and delivered to the Governor. He has 5 working days to sign it or veto it. Along with Maine and West Virginia, New Hampshire still will not honor all other states permits. It really doesn’t matter for WV and NH but it does for Maine.  Other states have permitless carry bills in the process of being passed. Time will tell on those other states.  You can find more information about NH Carry laws at the  NH DPS
Maine State Police:

Ohio has changes coming to their Carry Laws. They don’t go into effect until March 21, 2017.  The Following was put out by the Buckeye Firearms Association.
The changes and improvements made to Ohio law for gun owners include the following:

  • Prohibit a business entity, property owner, or public or private employer from banning a person who has been issued a valid CHL from transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition when the items are locked in a person's privately-owned motor vehicle on company property.
  • Allow CHL-holders to keep their handgun locked in a motor vehicle on school premises.
  • Allow colleges and government bodies to decide for themselves if concealed-carry should be allowed.
  • Allow CHL-holders to carry on private aircraft, in the non-secure area of airports and in day-care centers (unless the day care posts a "no-guns" sign).
  • Allow active military members who have the same or greater training than that required to obtain a concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a concealed firearm as a license-holder to carry without a license.
  • Allows the sale of firearms to active duty military members without regard to their age. Current law prohibits those under 21 from purchasing a handgun.
Illinois revised their list of states that meet their criteria so that a non-resident of that state could apply to Illinois for an IL Non-Resident Permit. Virginia, Hawaii,  New Mexico and South Carolina use to make up the four states but now they list Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia. A person from a state that was removed from the listing recieved a letter from the Illinois State Police stating that their state no longer met the criteria to be eligible for a Non-Resident Permit and that the IL non-resident permit they possessed was no longer valid. You can read the letter here. The contents of the letter is all knows about this matter at this time.  - 1/1/17  -   Minnesota Drops AR, OH, OK and TN. . . MMissouri Now Permitless Carry State

Missouri’s new law goes into effect 1/1/17 allowing permitless carry. Their new law doesn’t state you don’t need a permit but now states the Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm only applies to someone carrying a firearm into one of the places listed in state statute that is off limits by statute. Carry on posted private property is listed as a place off limits but that is the only place they have to ask you to leave first before a person carrying under permitless carry would be in violation of the law. You can see that listing or

The Minnesota BCA has released a new list of states Minnesota will Honor.
They have removed Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Minnesota will no longer honor those four states permits. Those four states will continue to honor the Minnesota permit as those states honor all other states permit/licenses. The BCA stated this in the email they sent out.

“After researching the laws of other states and communicating with their representatives, four states are no longer eligible for reciprocity because their state laws include age and training exemptions that are “NOT similar” to Minnesota laws that mandate a minimum age of 21 and require specific Permit to Carry training for all applicants. These states are: Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.”  - 7/15/16  - Georgia Does Not Honor Virginia. . . ME & Arcadia Nat Parks. . . . NH/VA Reciprocity 

Georgia AG is stating that they will not honor the Virginia Permit to Carry. They are stating that Virginia will not honor permits Georgia issues to Military 18-20. Virginia requires those carrying with another states permit to be 21. Thing is Georgia honors at least six other states that will not honor a Georgia permit issued to those under 21.  I don’t understand their reasoning as every state that honored Georgia in the past is honored by Georgia but they are now stating: Not Virginia! There are people maneuvering to get Georgia to honor Virginia and hoping they succeed. As I have seen over and over again through the years government moves very slowly when they want to!  Georgia statute on how they honor other states is as follows.

The Maine State Police updated their website today backing off their requirement that a Maine Resident or Maine Non-Resident Permit was required to carry in Arcadia Nat Park.  They are stating now that you have to have a permit they Issue or Honor. Do be aware that Maine does not honor all other states even though they have permitless carry.  They are now stating this

Acadia National Park (Maine Permit required; 12 M.R.S. §756) NOTE: Pursuant to 25 M.R.S. 2001-A (2)(F), Maine will recognize a concealed handgun permit issued by another state to its resident if that state recognizes Maine’s resident concealed handgun permits. A resident permit from that state is valid for concealed carry of a handgun within Acadia National Park

You can view this info at the Maine State Police Website here:

I have talked to those in charge in New Hampshire and they state there is a signed agreement with Virginia that was effective July 1, 2016. They also told me they would be updating their website shortly. Shortly to NH can be weeks as they have been slow in updating their site in the past. New Hampshire has not added Virginia to the list of state it honors as of posting this. - July 1, 2016 Updates From

July 1, 2016 Virginia will honor all other states permit/licenses. Virginia honored 30 states previously and only honored the Idaho Enhanced Permit. With their new law honoring all states permit/licenses Virginia will honor all Idaho Permits. Georgia, Colorado and Maine will now honor Virginia. Those three states have laws stating they will honor anyone who honors them.

July 1, 2016 The Nevada Dept of Public Safety has put out a new list effective 7/1 of the states they will honor. They have added Florida, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Texas and Utah. They removed Delaware from their listing. New Mexico, Texas and Utah already honored Nevada.  Florida will now honor Nevada as Florida will honor anyone who honors them. You can see the new listing at the link below.

July 1, 2016 Idaho will allow permitless carry for Idaho RESIDENTS only who are 21 and can legally possess a firearm. Anyone 18 and older who can legally possess a firearm can carry concealed without a permit outside the incorporated limits of any town in Idaho. Idaho will also start issuing permit/licenses to carry to those 18-20

July 1, 2016 Georgia public college students can now legally carry an electroshock weapon for self defense in all areas of campus.

July 1, 2016 Tennessee.  Full time employees of Public Schools of Higher Education will be allowed to carry on campus. They have to have a permit and register with the campus Police. There are also some places on campus where they can’t carry but are able to carry classrooms and most  places on campus. Tennessee will also now allow Active Military/Veterans to apply at 18 for a carry permit.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down their new Preemption law that had teeth on technical grounds. The Legislature is working to correct this to stop local governments from passing laws that are more strict than state law. What the law did was hold local authorities responsible financially for passing such local ordinances. 

With the New Hampshire Supreme Court Case striking down the administrative rule that a non-resident had to have a permit from their home state will cause a change in the New Hampshire Non-Resident Application. The New Hampshire State Police have stated they will update the application hopefully in the next couple weeks.  They have now stated you can use the old application to apply.

In Louisiana starting August 1, 2016  those with a “Permanent Restraining Order” against a person can apply for a permit to carry without the required training. The permit will only be valid for 45 days and can be made permanent if they take the training before the 45 day period expires. The new law specifically states that the permit is only valid in the state of Louisiana.  They would apply the same as those would apply for a regular permit to carry needing their permanent restraining order to apply.

A couple months back the Nebraska State Patrol has added a lot of info on Applying/Carrying for a permit in Nebraska.  They supplied limited info in the past. Check out their new webpage at - 6/4/16 - South Carolina/Georgia Now Honor Each Other. . . Alabama. . . New Hampshire. . . . DC…. Updates

The Governor of South Carolina has signed Bill 3799 and as of today South Carolina and Georgia honor each other’s permit/license to carry.  Georgia’s reciprocity law states they will automatically honor any state that honors them. The SC bill actually states GA and NC. Those are the only two states that border SC. With NC also listed even if NC would change their laws and no longer meet the requirements of SC statute on honoring other states they would continue to honor NC.

The Alabama Governor has signed HB98 which reduces the cost for permits for “Retired Veterans” to $00.00  The new law takes effect on or about Aug. 1, 2016. They still must apply and renew but at no charge.                                                                 

The New Hampshire Supreme Court struck down the Administrative Rule that a Non-Resident applying for a New Hampshire Permit had to have a permit from his state of residence. This rule was adopted in 2013 and is now null and void.

DC has obtained a stay on the Federal Court Ruling that their “Just Cause” for issue was most likely Unconstitutional. It will now most likely be tied up in the courts for a long period of time. 

If you would like to help there is something you can do. Look at your states page. Check the links and make sure they work. States will update a page and move it to a new URL. The old one is still there and our link is still to the old page. Then with elections new officials redesign their page and move everything. There are about 1000 links on the state and possession pages. If you find a broken link or an out of date one please send us an email at and just let us know it is not working or out of date. We can take it from there. Thank You! - 5/19/16 - US DC Dist. Ct Just Cause Injunction- DC Police Update. . . Arizona . . . Louisiana . . . Updates.

The US District Court for DC has ordered  (5/17/16) a preliminary injunction be granted against the “Just Cause or other Proper Reason” for obtaining a Permit to Carry in DC.  You can read the case at the first link below and the Order of the Court at the 2nd Link.  (250k)     (7.8 MB)

The DC Metro Police Dept posted this on their website 5/19/16:  In light of the preliminary injunction issued by Judge Richard Leon of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in Grace v. District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 15-2234, the Metropolitan Police Department will not require applicants to comport with the “Good Reason” requirement under D.C. Official Code § 7-2509.11(1)(A) & (B), while the injunction is effective (see “Grace Preliminary Injunction” document, attached below).

Applicants must still meet all other requirements when applying for a license to carry a concealed firearm.  Applicants who were previously denied pursuant to the “Good Reason” requirement may submit a new application.  The application fee for re-applicants meeting this criteria will be waived.  New applicants should use the existing forms until such time as the Department is able to revise forms in accordance with the court’s order.  Questions should be directed to the Firearms Registration Section  at (202) 727-4275.
DC will most likely ask for a Stay of this ruling and Appeal. They will be spending the Taxpayers Money to appeal and not their own. 

Arizona  Governor signed two bills that benefit those who carry. SB 1266 puts teeth in Arizona’s Preemption law. It allows for damages etc against local authorities that pass ordinances that are not in line with state law. HB 2338 states that K thru College/Universities can’t have policies that forbid the carrying of firearms on right of ways through their campus. This includes streets, alleys. paths and sidewalks. believes the key word in the law is “Through”  which to us does not mean every sidewalk, street etc that is on campus. Again another very gray area in the law open to interpretation. These two statutes do not become law until about August 5, 2016.  AZ Law states 90 days after the Legislature adjourns a signed bill becomes law.

Starting Aug 1, 2016  the state of Louisiana will issue 5 year or lifetime permits to Honorably Discharged Veterans Free! Active Duty Military will still be required to pay ½ the costs that civilians pay for the 5 year and lifetime permits. - 5/9/16 - WV Permitless Carry Effective Date 5/24/16. . . Virginia Exec. Order.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has announced that the effective date of West Virginia’s Permitless Carry Law will be May 24, 2016. The previous date announced was June 5th. You can read his reasoning for moving up the date Here:

Virginia Governor McAuliffe issued an Executive Order in December 2015 banning firearms in all buildings under the control of the Executive Branch. Last week he Virginia Citizens Defense League President put out a letter concerning this and that the Governor has no legal grounds to post those buildings. You can read the letter Here:   This letter forced Brian Coy, the governor’s spokesperson, to reply and he affirmed the order is a policy and if a gun owner is asked to leave at one of these locations, and didn’t leave immediately the punishment would be trespassing. "If you enter a facility that's under the purview of this order, you'll be asked to leave or you'll deny entry. If you're respectful, that should be the end of the story," said Coy.

The above is just one instance of the VCDL taking up the cause for gun owners/carriers. There are other great state groups that are doing your bidding at the state level and making a huge difference. highly recommends if you are not a member of your state RKBA’s Org you should join. They are doing the bulk of the work in keeping and expanding our rights to carry in their respective states. You can view a list of states and their RKBA’s Org Here:  If you Organization is not listed please drop me an email at and we will add your Organization to the listing. - 5/5/16 - Nevada Drops Rhode Island. . . Nevada Now Honors Virginia. . . .West Virginia Honors Indiana. . . Tennessee Update 

Nevada has removed Rhode Island from the list of states it honors. They have also added Virginia to the list of states they honor. I do not know what the changes were that caused them to remove Rhode Island or now list Virginia. I have been in contact with them as they had differences in the two listings two different state agencies put out. They did correct their listing as of the date they made the changes 4/29/16 but only removed RI and added VA to their DPS listing today 5/4/16.

West Virginia announced May 2 that they will now honor the Indiana Permit. It doesn’t mean that much now as West Virginia will be permitless carry June 5th.  Even though West Virginia is going permitless carry their law still doesn’t state they will honor all other states. Hoping next Legislative Session that is fixed. That law is also just a little different than any other states reciprocity law.

On May 2 the Tennessee Governor let Senate Bill 2376 become law without his signature. This bill will allow Employees of Public Higher Education Institutions to carry a concealed handgun if they have a permit. From what can find out those employees who decide to carry  must notify the local Police they plan to carry and other restrictions. at this time can’t find a copy of the bill as passed only a first draft without amendments. Any assistance anyone can give us on obtaining an enrolled version of the bill would be greatly appreciated.  It does not become effective until July 1, 2016.

Tennessee  HB 2575 cuts the cost for a permit to  $100.00 and the permit will be valid for 8 years. Those applying for a Lifetime Permit will pay a total of $300. $100 for the regular permit plus a fee of $200 to make it lifetime. Training will also be valid for 1 year and not just 6 months. The bill as passed has different effective dates for different parts. Some parts immediately. Some July 1 and others when the state has the ability to process some items which could be as late as 1/1/17 before it goes into effect. Another bill reduces the age for application from 21 to 18. will update the Tennessee page as appropriate when more information becomes available on these changes.

Everyone who does any reading on gun rights has heard that Georgia Governor vetoed the Campus Carry Bill. This bill will be back next year and like West Virginia did with their permitless carry law will pass it early enough to at least have a vote on overriding the Governors veto. -  4/30/16 - Texas Honors Illinois. . . New Hampshire Honors Kansas. . . Alabama Airports. . . SD Gold License

New Hampshire has added Kansas to the list of states it will honor. You can view that listing Here:

The Texas Governor signed the paperwork and Texas will now honor the Illinois License to Carry. This is a Unilateral agreement. Illinois will not honor Texas. This brings to twelve the number of states Texas unilaterally will honor. You can read Governor Abbots Statement on honoring Illinois Here:   The Texas DPS has not updated their listing of states they honor as of early this evening.

Starting after 1/1/17 South Dakota will start offering a Gold Permit along with their regular and Enhanced Permits. When I first read about it I thought the Gold Permit would be their NICs exempt permit. They are also going to make the Enhanced NICs exempt. The NICs exempt for the Enhanced Permit is not in place yet. There is a difference in Costs/Training Needed/Fingerprint Requirements and how many states honor each permit. You can see a chart the SD Sec. of State put out comparing the three different permits. The Regular and Enhanced Permits are being issued now. The Gold Permit will not be issued until 2017.

The Alabama AG was contacted via petition for a violation of Alabama Posting Law. Seems Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport posted their Terminal as a no gun zone. The AG set them straight and the signs came down. Carry is allowed in the airport just not past Security. You can read the letter the AG sent to the petitioners here:

There is one item everyone needs to know about airports and the TSA.  It has been all over the news lately about a record number of guns being found in carry-on baggage. Don’t try and carry a firearm through security! I forgot or I didn’t realize it was in my bag is not good enough. You must know where your firearm is at all times. This is why I don’t like off body carry. It could have happened but I have not read of any person trying to get through security with a gun on their person in a holster. Every story I have read is that it was in their carry on.  Yes you can take your firearm with you when flying but you must follow the rules and check it in your checked baggage. I have had no problems flying with firearms. You can see the rules by going here:   4/17/16  -  MS, IA, OK, TX, Northern Mariana’s Updates

Mississippi is now Permitless Carry. All they actually did was add “On the Body in a sheath, belt holster or shoulder holster” to the code section. Just adding those six words made Mississippi a Permitless Carry State but the firearm must be carried as indicated in the new statute. “Sheath” in my opinion would cover just about any holster worn anywhere on the body. But then again Mississippi authorities were stating previous to the new law that a Fanny Pack didn’t meet the criteria and wasn’t a purse or briefcase type enclosure if connected around the body. Time will tell on this and it will take time to get it ironed out and most likely a test case will be required. Until that time recommends you only carry in a Holster that attaches on a belt or a shoulder holster.

Mississippi Code  45-9-101  A license under this section is not required for a loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver to be carried upon the person in a sheath, belt holster or shoulder holster or in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case if the person is not engaged in criminal activity other than a misdemeanor traffic offense, is not otherwise prohibited from possessing a pistol or revolver under state or federal law, and is not in a location prohibited under subsection (13) of this section.

Starting July 1st in Iowa it will become legal with a permit/license to carry on all terrain vehicles, which includes snowmobiles, either openly or concealed a defensive handgun in a retention holster.  Those on their own property can carry openly or concealed without a permit/license with or without a retention holster. The way the new law reads if on property you own or possess it just states firearm and doesn’t stipulate that it has to be in a retention holster like the law states when not on property you own or possess. You still can’t shot from an all terrain vehicle unless you have special circumstances that prevent you from getting off the all terrain vehicle. The new law is addressed in two different places in the Iowa Code. One is specific for Snowmobiles and the other for other ATVs. They are both worded exactly the same except for stating Snowmobile or ATV.

Oklahoma has amended their Self Defense Act concerning places off limits and Business Owner’s Rights. These changes don’t go into effect until November 1, 2016. You can read the bill as passed here:                                              

Before going further remember that Texas Campus Carry does not become law until Aug. 1, 2016 and only applies to 4 year PUBLIC Colleges/Universities. All private Colleges/Universities in Texas had the option and have opted out of the law. Public Junior Colleges etc do not fall under the law until Aug 2017.
In Texas The Dallas Morning News has a listing of all the State Colleges/Universities showing their stance on Campus Carry. Every College/University can have different rules. The nice thing about the listing is if you click on any of the Colleges/Universities and the page that comes up gives you a link directly to that schools firearms policy if they have one Set/Proposed yet. This takes you directly to the rules for that school which is the best source for correct info on any of the schools.  I put this link on the Texas page at

In The Northern Mariana Islands Handguns were forbidden to own and few long guns could be possessed. The Federal Court thee ruled their ban Unconstitutional so they passed a bill that is the most restrictive I have ever read. You can read it here:     

Lawsuits are already in the planning stages to overturn many of the restrictions. Yes you have heard correctly. There is a $1000.00 excise tax on all handguns brought into The Northern Mariana Islands. The excise tax  part of the bill expires 1 year after the passage of the bill.
There are still a lot of bills in many states still moving thru the process.   

Things are happening Fast & Furious (Pun Intended) with many new laws going into effect July 1st. Mississippi created updates on all the state pages and other documents with their new Permitless Law becoming effective upon the Governor’s signature. West Virginia on June 5 will create just as much work. It is going to be a very busy time for    Do keep an eye on us as with the volume of changes we can miss something.  -  4/5/16 – Wisconsin has again updated their website and has changed things. Wisconsin now is stating they will only honor the South Dakota Enhanced and Gold Licenses.   4/3/16  -  WI Now Honors AL, MA, MS, SC & SD. . . . PO Carry, SCOTUS, ID, TN

Wisconsin has added Alabama, Massachusetts, Mississippi, South Carolina and South Dakota to the list of states they honor. Wisconsin is stating they will only honor the Massachusetts Class A permit. You can see their listing of states they honor here:

The Idaho Governor has signed Permitless Carry. It didn’t change that much actually. Anyone (Resident/Non-Resident) 18 or older who can legally possess a firearm could carry concealed outside the confines of any Idaho City without a permit/license. This new law just allows Idaho Residents 21 and older to carry without a permit/license inside city limits. It also makes Idaho Shall Issue for those 18-20 where before it was May Issue by the local Sheriff.

The US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on the Postal Services Ban of Firearms in their buildings and parking lots. The refusal to hear this appeal means the Post Office ban on firearms on their property is upheld and those areas are still off limits to carrying or possessing firearms.

The US Supreme Court did rule that Massachusetts ban on Stun Guns were a self defense tool and didn’t meet the courts previous ruling in Heller. The lower court in Massachusetts must now rule on this case again taking Heller into consideration. This case could have a widespread impact on Stun Gun restrictions across America carried for self defense purposes. Time will tell. You can read the ruling here:

Tennessee Signage requirements will change July 1. Signage requirements are spelled out for the specific sign in the new law. Places already posted with a sign have until 1/1/18 to update their signs. You can read the new requirements here. keeps reading in the press different dates that the West Virginia Permitless Carry Law goes into effect. The state has not put out an official date and will go with the date the West Virginia Citizens Defense League has put out which is June 5, 2016 unless the state of West Virginia puts out a different date. West Virginia Citizen's Defense League (WVCDL)   2/27/16   WV Permitless Carry. . . SC Honors SD Enhanced

The West Virginia Legislature has overridden the Governors veto of the Permitless Carry bill. The effective date of the new law is late May 2016. The exact date has not been released yet. Anyone who can legally possess a firearm and is 21 will be able to carry a concealed defensive handgun in all places those with a valid permit can now carry. WV will also start issuing a Provisional Permits to WV residents only who are 18-20. They have to meet the same requirements as those with a regular permit. It expires on their 21st birthday and then they can renew their Provisional Permit for a regular permit the same way those with a regular permit renew. Also removed in the bill was the restriction that those who are member of the United States Armed Forces, Reserve or National Guard could only carry while on duty. They removed the ‘While on Duty.” Looks to that after the law takes effect that anyone in the Active Military, Reserves or National Guard can carry at 18 to 20 with just their Military ID. More info on that will be available when the West Virginia page is updated when the new law takes effect. You can read the bill as passed at the link below.

HB 4145 Text

The WV AG is very pro gun. A nice read is his press release that he put out the day after the House voted to override but before the Senate did. Attorney General Morrisey Issues Statement on Constitutional Carry, Outside Counsel

Also Anti-Gunner Bloomberg and his groups spent 6 figures on ads etc trying to defeat the Permitless Carry bill in West Virginia. They failed!!

South Carolina now honors the South Dakota Enhanced Permit. This brings to five the number of states that only honor the South Dakota Enhanced. South Dakota went to a two tiered permit system to gain more reciprocity.

Concealed Pistol Permits: South Dakota Secretary of State, Shantel Krebs
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

There are a host of bills in other states that if they become law would loosen where and how people can carry their defensive firearm. will try to keep you updated on all major changes with similar posts. There are also some bills, mainly in the May Issues states that will put more restrictions on firearm owners/carriers.  2/27/16  Update         Virginia, DE, FL, GA, NE, ME & SD. . . Especially DE!!

The Virginia Governor has signed the bills to take care of the AG dropping 25 states. The bill doesn’t take effect until  July 1, 2016 and then Virginia will honor all states. The Virginia Citizens Defense League is reporting that Virginia State Police will update their site 2/29 to state they will continue to honor all the states they reported they would drop.  They will also contact all the states effected telling them they will continue to honor them. A few of those states are reporting they will drop VA on 3/1/16. VA did a good job of informing those states of the date they would drop them being pushed back from 2/1 to 3/1.  Do check further if you are a VA resident traveling to make sure that the other state/s still honor the VA permit. Some states are very slow at updating their websites to reflect changes. For a case in point see what Delaware has been doing over the years at the bottom of this post.

For those not familiar with go to the site and click on the state initials on the main page map. That states page will open. In the  top right column of each states page are links mainly to that states websites. Click on the Reciprocity Link and you will be able to see a list of states that state honors that the state puts out. If they don’t have a listing it is because they just state they honor all states.

New Hampshire, Florida and Georgia now honor the Maine permit. This means Maine will honor all three of theirs as Maine’s law states they will honor anyone who honors them. Maine is still not posting a list of states that honor them but only states they have signed an official agreement with. The State Police don’t want to take responsibility for listing states that honor them. They just list a link to their reciprocity law. Though Maine went permitless carry they still don’t honor all other states. It does make a difference having a permit Maine issues or honors. See the Maine Page at for places off limits for those carrying under Permitless Carry.

NH -
FL -
GA -

Nebraska and Delaware now honor the South Dakota Enhanced Permit only. South Dakota honors all other states.
NE -
DE - keeps all the updates made to pages over the years but does removed them from pages only leaving updates that have been made over the last couple years. This is for space considerations. Below are some selected page updates for the Delaware State Page:

7/8/09 – DE now honors VA
9/7/10 – DE & SC Signed Reciprocity Agreement
1/20/11 – DE removed SC as a state they would honor. No Agreement Existed.
11/2/11 – DE Now Honors New Mexico
5/18/12 -  DE has dropped NM as a state it will honor.  
5/23/12 – DE has added NM back as a state it will honor.
11/2/12 – Removed NM as a state DE Honors.
12/11/12 – DE no longer honors Virginia
1/28/13 – DE Has Added VA Back On List of States It Will Honor
12/6/13 - Delaware No Longer Honors Virginia
1/31/14 – DE again Honors Virginia.
2/5/14 – DE Has Removed Virginia from the list of states they honor.
12/9/15 – Delaware Now Honors New Mexico

DE doesn’t seem to know what they are doing and it seems no one is even in charge of keeping things straight. In Dec 2015 I contacted Delaware and talked directly to them after finding an email address for someone who could answer my questions. After they looked they contacted me back and said they did have an agreement with New Mexico and added New Mexico back on their list. Now after not listing Virginia as a state they honored since 2/5/14 on their listing of states they honor they posted  this on their reciprocity list on  2/25/16 putting Virginia back on the list only to say they are dropping them in 5 days.

VIRGINIA (Reciprocity with VA will be revoked as of 3/1/2016)

It is the DE Attorney General's website that has their listing of states they honor. As you can see they have been screwing things up for years and nothing has changed.  You can see the DE AG  listing Here:  1-20-16 Update

Over the last two weeks has gone over every state page and verified the statute quotes against the latest published statutes for each state. There were minor changes but no major changes to the quoted statutes.  States pass clean up bills that cover numerous sections of their laws removing or adding a word or phrase so the statute doesn’t conflict with another statute, correct misspelling or even insert missing words left out of the text.  These bills are very difficult to see as they seldom get mentioned or receive any press. - 1/15/16  Update!

Over the last several weeks there has been changes to who honors who. Maine now honors Permit/Licenses from Florida, Georgia and New Hampshire. Those states now honor Maine. Delaware honors New Mexico and Nevada has added Michigan back on the list of states it will honor. Maine is also Permitless Carry (Maine does not honor all other states but only states that honor them) but has some areas that require a permit they issue or honor. See the Maine page for those areas.

I have been remiss in posting legislative items here over the last 6 months. Having the time is the biggest reason for the lack of postings. 2015 was the busiest year for and law changes. I don’t see it slowing down in 2016. I have found another source for Legislative issues which will make it easier to post those bills that have passed and links to the passed bills concerning the carrying of firearms. appreciates and wants to thank those who emailed us of changes in their states laws and hope you continue to send that information. If there is a change in your state laws please drop us an email at and let us know. We see most of the changes but we can’t see everything. - 11/19/15 Under Attack

Starting Nov 9th, has been under attack, downloading massive amounts of data. Normal traffic on the site uses roughly 5-8 GB of data per day. On Nov 9th, there was an increase to over 10 GB, Nov 10 over 36 GB, and increasing daily to a high of over 81 GB on Nov 15th.

To put that in perspective - the entire website is only 276 MEGABYTES.

I am taking steps to keep the site online that include again buying more bandwidth to keep it alive the remainder of this month, adding additional security to the site and blocking IP addresses that are suspicious.

If you have a problem accessing the site or any links on the site, please contact me directly at - using the admins address will go to Gary and he will then have to forward it to me. Using my direct email address will save that step.

Steve Aikens, Founder & Co-Owner

Washington State - 6/3/15 - Washington State Drops Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi and Missouri.

Washington state Attorney General updated his reciprocity listing on their web site today. Missing from the list of states they honor are Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi and Missouri. Concealed Weapon Reciprocity | Washington State If you go to the link you will see the listing and if you scroll down the page you will see the reasons given for not honoring those states. AR, MO and MS because they issue to those under 21. I don’t understand their Kansas reason and hoping they are just reading Kansas law wrong. Kansas honors all other states permit licenses. Washington is stating their reason for not honoring Kansas. “Does not recognize WA CPL in a meaningful way as will only recognize if holder is KS resident - 5/24/15      State Carry Law Changes Coming!

South Dakota – Effective July 1, 2015  HB1215  expands South Dakota’s CCW Law with an Enhanced Carry Permit. This permit is just the same as the Regular Permit SD issues but will require Fingerprints, Training and a NICS Check. Cost is the same as the SD Regular Permit but applicant must pay for the additional costs of Fingerprints etc. SD is doing this for Reciprocity purposes. The Enhanced Permit will most likely be honored by more states which give the Residents of SD a choice.   South Dakota will consider a spouse of a service member whose home of record is South Dakota  as a resident of South Dakota and they can apply for a SD permit when living out of state. 

Georgia -  Effective July 1 Polling Places will only be off limits while an Election is being held. (From my understanding some buildings used as polling places were off limits all the time and not just doing elections.) Georgia amended their laws on places off limits. Their law did state “All Government Buildings.”  It will change to (1) In a government building as a nonlicense holder.”  Georgia’s definition of a Government Building is:
(2) 'Government building' means:
(A) The building in which a government entity is housed;
(B) The building where a government entity meets in its official capacity; provided, however,  that if such building is not a publicly owned building, such building shall be considered a government building for the purposes of this Code section only during the time such  government entity is meeting at such building; or
(C) The portion of any building that is not a publicly owned building that is occupied by a  government entity. (At this time I am not sure how this is going to work if they have security at a government building. Check your firearm or be able to pass through? Also it could be off limits if it was a polling place during voting in an election. )

Maryland - Effective October 1, 2015  A person who has retired  as a law enforcement officer in good standing from a law enforcement  agency of the United States, the state, or a local unit in the state who is a parent, guardian, or visitor of a student attending a school located on the public school property, provided that:  the officer or retired officer is displaying the officer’s or retired officer’s badge or credential; and the weapon carried or possessed by the officer or retired officer is concealed; and the officer or retired officer is authorized to carry a concealed handgun in the state;  (This doesn’t mean anything to us Concealed Carry holders but it is a start and this is the state of Maryland! Let’s Hope!)

Florida - Effective Immediately.  The Florida Governor signed SB290 which allows for permitless carry by those who can legally own a firearm during a “Mandatory evacuation ordered during a declare emergency.” The mandatory evacuation can come from the Governor or a local authority.  It just covers the movement away from the area and is in effect for 48 hours. The Governor can extend that time period. You can read the bill Here:

DC – The U.S. District Court put a preliminary injunction to stop DC from their Good Cause requirement to obtain a DC permit to carry. There is another hearing scheduled for July 7 to “discuss an expedited schedule for the resolution of this case.” The DC Chief of Police stated they would no longer apply Good Cause to applicants with this preliminary injunction in place and have also not made a decision on appealing the ruling. sees nothing different happening in DC on issuing until after the July hearing.

Minnesota – Effective Date August 1, 2015   Authority to Seize and Confiscate Firearms not allowed doing declared state of emergency. Reciprocity wording changed from    “substantially similar” to “similar. This should gain Minnesota more reciprocity as they will honor more states. Having a permit implies that notification has been given to the commissioner of public safety when entering the capitol complex. The bill is long as these were amended into a spending bill.

Changes in the above laws will be added to their respective state pages at  On their effective date. - 5/7/15 -  Ohio/Texas Reciprocity. . . State Issues. . . Links?

Texas will now honor Ohio Permits issued/renewed on or after 3/23/15. Wisconsin honors Ohio in the same way. Both Wisconsin and Texas require a NICS check for them to honor a state and Ohio just went to the NICS check with their new law on 3/23/15. That is why WI and TX will only honor the Ohio permit issued/renewed on or after that date. You can see the Texas agreement here:
and Wisconsin information here:

Tennessee – I made an error in the date the new Tennessee Parking Lot Storage Law goes into effect. It is July 1 and not the May date I put in my last post. See Bill Here:
Arkansas – Takes effect July 22, 2015.  Polling places are no longer off limits by law. Those with a Valid Permit/License from any state can keep their concealed firearm on their person while dropping off or picking up children at a school and can leave their firearm in their locked motor vehicle while on school property.  You can see the bill here:

Oklahoma – Effective November 1, 2015 Oklahoma will preempt all knife laws in the state. No local authority can have any knife laws stricter than state law. Switchblades will also be legal. Knife Rights is the main group behind pushing knife preemption laws in the different states. You can follow their progress at their website:  You can view the Oklahoma House Bill 1460 Preemption here:
Tennessee – Effective July 1, 2015 Tennessee residents will be able to apply for a Lifetime Permit. Application is the same as a regular permit and cost is $500. believes this lifetime license “will” cause a few states to stop honoring the Tennessee permit. Time will tell but it has happened to other states that went to lifetime permits. Lifetime Permit Bill:

Ohio -  The Ohio Attorney General has updated his reciprocity page stating that Ohio now honors all other states permit/licenses to carry. With the addition of Texas the only other state at this time that Ohio can obtain reciprocity with is the state of Maine. AG’s website:

The one thing that turns people off more than anything else on the internet when looking for information is “Broken Links.” has over 1500 links on the state pages and major documents. Keeping tabs on them  is a huge task.  Some states have kept info on the same URL for years. Attorney Generals especially like to move everything to new pages when they get into office. Well some do!  Utah BCI just did this. If you would like to help keep those links up to date check out your states page links and report any broken links to  and even better tell me they are all OK. I keep a listing of when I check links on every document and letting me know the links are “OK” or “Broken” saves me a lot of time. Any assistance you could give in this matter would be greatly appreciated.  

This issue was resolved 05/072015 at 0230 - Thanks for your patience. I post about broken links and then this happens. Due to an update by CPanel on how Google analytical does something with a site, links to images inside a document will not open at at the moment. I am just the research part of and not a computer geek and don’t understand it.  All the state pages and major documents are fine it is just links to images inside a document that don’t work. Steve is working on the issue and hopes to have it corrected in the next few days. There are only 8 to 10 links inside documents at that go to an image, ND Class 2 Map, TX 30.06 signs and a few others. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause the users of our site and are working on correcting this issue.  This issue was resolved 05/072015 at 0230. - Thanks for your patience. - 5/3/15  - Tennessee Parking Lot Storage Law

The Tennessee Parking Lot Storage Law takes effect July 1 and not the previous date I posted. I have changed that date on the Tennessee entry below also. apologizes for the error in that effective date. - 4/15/15 - New Hampshire now honors Alaska and Ohio. . . . State Items.

New Hampshire has added Alaska back on the list of states it honors. NH removed them late last year and gave no reason. They didn’t give a reason for adding them back either. They have added Ohio to the list of states they honor.

Tennessee – Effective July 1. Reworded parking lot storage law so employees can’t fire a person with a permit keeping their firearm in their locked vehicle on company property. They passed the law previously and the AG put out an opinion stating, they would not be breaking a law but an employer could still  fire an employee for keeping a firearm company  property if it was against their policy. This law change fixed that.

West Virginia - Effective Around June 10. Permit holders can keep their firearm in their locked vehicle on the Capitol Complex. Cleaned up what is considered a Loaded Firearm and carrying a firearm for defensive purposes while hiking in the woods etc. The Governor vetoed  Permitless Carry and since the Legislature session ended an override was not possible under WV law. There is a good chance Permitless Carry will come to West Virginia next year.

Idaho -  Effective July 1. Limited Permitless Carry. Carry outside the limits of an incorporated area does not require any type of permit/license to carry. Rewrote their carry laws to make it easier to understand.

Kansas -  Effective July 1.  Permitless Carry. Allows staff to carry in Schools or other city, county or state buildings if their policies allow it even if posted with proper signage.

Mississippi – Effective July 1. Limited Permitless Carry. No Permit needed to carry in a Purse, Briefcase, Fanny Pack. From reading of the law anything that completely encloses the firearm and is carried in the hand or by a strap over the shoulder or around your body outside your clothing would meet the definition of the law. Lowered the cost of permits.

Michigan – Effective December 1. Concealed Weapon Licensing Boards will be disbanded and the County Clerk will handle all applications. No more going before the board to get their OK. Meet the requirements and supply the proper documentation and the Clerk will issue the permit.

There are still many good bills in the different states under consideration at the time of this post. The above will be added to their states pages when their new laws take effect. NH, AK and OH updates will go up late tomorrow evening or early Friday.

Ohio 12/21/14:   Ohio Bill 234 was signed by the Governor today and goes into effect on March 19, 2015. On that date the following changes will take place in Ohio Law and I will add them to the Ohio page on that date. Ohio will honor all other states permit/licenses when visiting Ohio. They will issue non-resident permit/licenses to non-resident employed in Ohio. They have removed the wording that a semi auto that could fire 31 or more rounds without reloading as a machine gun and have gone with the federal definition of more than one round fired with one press of the trigger.  An Ohio permit/license for those who move out of Ohio will remain valid until it expires. It can’t be renewed.  CLEO must sign for NFA firearms if you pass background check. Active Military and their spouse have a grace period to renew if deployed out of state. There are other changes all for the better.  Best thing is Colorado and Georgia will honor the Ohio permit right away. They honor everyone who honors them. TX, WI and PA have a good chance now of honoring Ohio. Texas for sure in the future and WI and PA most likely but not 100% sure. Time will tell on those three. You can view the bill by going here: - 7/28/14: We are aware of the Federal Court Ruling in DC. Here's a link to a Fox News report on the ruling. Basically, the Federal Court in DC ruled the ban was unconstitutional and the DC Police Chief ordered his officers to STOP arresting for persons carrying firearms. Further, if you have a license to conceal in your home state, you ARE allowed to carry in DC - as of this morning. Be advised that this ruling will probably be challenged in the Supreme Courts and the Mayor my force to PC to start making arrests any time now. Once we know something we believe accurate, it will be posted. - 7/18/14 The page for Tennessee has been temporarily removed until I can find the IP address of the individual/computer that has a live hot-link to that document and ban that IP from That hot-link is constantly loading that page and has driven our bandwidth to levels that essentially have shut down the site and forced me to again - increase our available bandwidth to keep the site on-line. This is EXACTLY the reason we do not allow hot-linking of our site files. Keeping a site like this on-line is not an inexpensive undertaking - people needlessly hammering our bandwidth are 1) breaking the law and 2) putting this website at risk of going away if it can't be stopped.

If you know of a site - or someone that is hot-linking [aka, STEALING] our material, please let me know who it is so I can do something about it or this site could disappear.

ADDED - 8/3/2014: One of the sites that has been hot-linking our main maps and using bandwidth was I attempted to contact them to stop the issue. They refused to respond. Their host is I contact that host and asked they help resolve the problem on 7/29. They replied on 07/30 that they resolved the problem. Checking the site - that hot-linked page is now - 404 - page not found. Thank you

ADDED - 7/25/2014: The problem we have been having is two-fold. The first/worst is with users for the Internet Provider - in the 50.x.x.x octet. They have a user that is either intentionally [this is what I believe] or unintentionally repeatedly downloading individual files through a script or if unintentionally, has a verifier running to verifies link in milliseconds. I sent an email to Frontiers which is their abuse contact on Friday 7/18/2014 advising them of the issue and requesting their help in stopping that nefarious activity. As of today, 7/25/2014, they have chosen not to respond. One of their users contacted them [who also was blocked from any DOD websites] and told them of the problem. Their response was for him to tell me how to authorize each individual IP address in their blocked octet. Sorry folks, if that's their level of solving this issue - no will ever see again.

As a reminder, is a FREE TO THE WORLD website - it is not free to me or Gary. If someone attacks the site, and that users service provider refuses to even reply to legitimate ABUSE emails - their users can NOT expect us to cherry-pick through all user IP's from their paid services that can't see the site to allow them.

The second problem is with direct hot-linking. Direct hot-linking is bandwidth theft. The majority of hot-linking is done using The correct address for the site is I have again blocked from allowing images to display. Using the correct address will solve that.


Steve Aikens, Founder - 6/18/14

Illinois amended their Non-Resident vehicle carry section of their Concealed Carry Law. The original law stated if you could legally carry a firearm in your home state etc. etc.  It now states you have to have a permit/license from your state of residence to carry loaded in a vehicle while travelling through Illinois. I noted seeing emails from the IL State Police stating this but it is now the law in IL. The new wording is below.

 Section 40
(e) Nothing in this Act shall prohibit a non-resident from transporting a concealed firearm within his or her vehicle in Illinois, if the concealed firearm remains within his or her vehicle and the non-resident:
(1) is not prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm under federal law;
(2) is eligible to carry a firearm in public under the laws of his or her state or territory of residence, as
evidenced by the possession of a concealed carry license or permit issued by his or her state of
if applicable; and
(3) is not in possession of a license under this Act. If the non-resident leaves his or her vehicle unattended, he or she shall store the firearm within a locked vehicle or locked container within the vehicle in accordance with subsection (b) of Section 65 of this Act. (Source: P.A. 98-63, eff. 7-9-13.)

I have Updated the Header for the Section:
“Carry In State Parks/State & National Forests/WMA/Road Side Rest Areas”
On each states page to the following.
Carry In State Parks//WMA/Road Side Rest Areas & St & Nat. Forests
I also added the word “State” before WMA so it would not be confused with any Federal Property. Those who receive notices will see every page has been updated but I didn’t note that as a change on any of the pages. That would have taken me more time than it took me to change the wording in the Headers. 4/9/14 - Wisconsin’s Attorney General is stating they will honor the Illinois License to Carry.   I look for Montana and Nevada to add Illinois in the future. They just look at the states laws and if they meet their criteria they will honor them.  I believe Illinois law meets their criteria. Texas could add Illinois in the future as they have granted Unilateral Recognition to other states that don’t have reciprocity in their laws. They honor NY, CA, CT, HI, NJ, MA, MD and other states that don’t have reciprocity in their laws. There is an outside chance for Virginia to honor Illinois. They do honor some states who don't honor them. Time will tell if VA honors IL. Most of the other states that don’t already honor IL need to have signed agreements or Illinois must honor them before they will honor Illinois.

At, we get a lot of questions asking when we are going to make a Mobile App. provides access and information free of charge. We don't have sponsors and accept no ads.  We do this because we recognize the information is needed and most average computer users don't understand how to find the information they need. will never have a mobile app for the site because there is no real need for one.  Simply put, if you have a device that can use a mobile app, you already have the capability of browsing the site using your browser. I do use an App - “Gun Safe” - which links to the pages on They link to us with our permission. and Gun Safe are not affiliated in any way. Others have violated our DMCA protections, copied our info, put it on their Site or in their App, and called it their own compiled information.  Once we contact them they generally remove it without further action. I have all the CCW Apps I can find on my NEXUS 7 and use them for research. -  3/23/14 User requested change made to all State Pages. Click the link to see what changed. -  3/20/14 would like your help deciding on the format of the Home Page on the site. Please check out our Poll Page and let us know what you think. – 2/28/14   Late Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 California State Attorney General Kamala Harris filed a petition on behalf of the state to ask the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review and reverse its decision in Peruta vs. County of San Diego.  This most likely means those few counties in California that stated they would issue permits for Self Defense will most likely put all those applications on hold until this is settled in the courts. Full Story Here: - 2/27/14 - The Connecticut State Police has sent out letters to those who tried to register their so called assault weapons and standard capacity magazines but missed the deadline. Telling them they had to dispose of those firearms and magazines or be breaking the law. You can read the letter here. - 2/24/14 - No Appeal in San Diego Concealed Carry Case, “May Issue” Becomes “Shall Issue”. Earlier this month, a ruling by the Ninth US District Court of Appeals struck down restrictions in San Diego County, California over carrying concealed weapons. On Friday, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore notified the County Board of Supervisors that he will not be seeking an appeal. LA Times article. - 2/21/14 - Virginia Now Honors Kansas. . . TN Parking Lot Storage Law

Virginia has added Kansas to the list of states it honors. This brings to 30 the number of states that Virginia honors. Kansas honors all other states Permit/Licenses. - 2/5/14 – Delaware has removed Virginia as a state they honor. They had them listed for seven days. does not know why they put them back and then took them off again. Delaware has done this in the past with two other states. - 1/31/14

Delaware has done it again. First they just moved their Reciprocity list to a new page today. They have also put Virginia back on the list of states they honor. They listed Virginia as a state they would honor for most of 2013 but stated that on December 7, 2013 they would drop them. They did remove Virginia from their list shortly after that date. Now Virginia is back on their listing as a state they will honor. I state this with my tongue firmly planted firmly in my cheek: Beau Biden, who has Joe Biden’s genes, is the AG of Delaware!

Here is a good article for everyone who carries and travels should read.  Other states most likely have a similar system and have collected data from the other states on who has a permit/licenses to carry. also needs your assistance. There are so many bills in the different state legislatures that keeping track of all of them by myself is getting to be almost impossible. Especially the ones that are only small changes to the firearm laws in that state. If a law changes in your state I ask for a heads up from you on that change. The state and bill # are all I need. If there is a change please drop me an email at  and let me know. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. will be updated late this evening or early tomorrow with changes listed above. 1/6/14

Ohio and Arizona signed a Reciprocity Agreement many years back and it came to our attention that the way it was worded Ohio would only honor the Arizona Resident permit. No one in either office was sure how that wording got in the agreement. Ohio didn’t seem to care about it but would tell people that was the law as agreed to. Ohio would not put on their website that they would only honor the Arizona Resident Permit so it really didn’t matter to them but that was the agreement. Ohio and Arizona have signed a new agreement and have removed that reference so Ohio will now honor Resident and Non-Resident  permit/license issued by the state of Arizona. You can read the Agreement Here. 1/4/14

Wisconsin will honor the Missouri License issued/renewed on or after 8/28/13. The reason WI only honors those after the date is the way Missouri conducts background checks. This is the 4th state Wisconsin honors by a given date the permit/license was issued. Missouri Honors all other states permit/licenses.

Though a court struck down the NY law that only allowed 7 rounds max to be loaded in a 10 rd mag one Prosecuting Attorney in NY has stated that only effects one part of the state and the law is still in effect in other parts of the state. It was just the NY Eastern Division Court that ruled on this matter. NY could also at any time get a stay in that ruling. recommends you only load 7 rds in a mag in NY until this is finally settled. Use Caution!  A link to the ruling can be found here:
I have updated the Knife Law Document adding the knife laws for about 80 more cities. That makes over 500 cities listed in the document. This listing only applies to [b] “Folding Type Knives.”[/b] The whole law is not listed but gives you the main points and a link to read the entire law.   You can access this link on by putting your mouse pointer over the Global Links at the top of the page “Knife Law Links” and that opens seven links below it. Click on “Knife Law Links” there to view the document. I went through 3000+ cities ordinances looking for additions. Do be aware that all cities that have knife laws are not listed. These are just the ones I could find.  

New Mexico - 01/03/14 - Gun Control Measure Pre-Filed for 2014 Session of the New Mexico Legislature. Anti-gun state Representative Miguel Garcia (D- Bernalillo) has introduced House Bill 44, legislation which criminalizes non-dealer firearm transfers at gun shows and takes the first step towards a universal ban on private gun sales, for the upcoming 30-day legislative session that begins on January 21st. The bill mirrors the version of House Bill 77 that was being debated on the floor of the state Senate when the 2013 session was gaveled to a close before a final vote on the measure. To view a copy of HB 44, click here

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