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This US Map is hot-linked to the individual state pages, for each of the states in the United States and its possessions.

Simply click on the state abbreviation on the map to view that state's information page in a new browser window. To view the All U.S. Page, click on U.S.A. at the bottom of the map to the left.

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Update History

Below you will find a listing of updates to the state and federal laws posted here, with the dates of those updates. If we post a notice here that something has been updated in your state, or a state you may be traveling to, you should use the links provided on the map above to navigate to that states page and verify that change. If you are aware of a change that has been made and approved by your state that we may have missed, please Contact Us so we can verify that change and add it.

At the opening of the 2007 legislative session, we recognized that there was a need to keep people alerted to pending changes in law that would effect CCW licensees. To fulfill that need, we created a Notices and Legislative Action Page. Generally, it's purpose is for potential state or local changes but it is also used as a conduit to other information of interest - most recently, as example - the definition of firearms policy in IHOP Restaurants in New Mexico. Mark noticed that I referenced that page here but there was no link to the page. If you become aware of something changing in your area that you think others need to be made aware of, feel free to notify us by email at

Update Listing/Tracking will be maintained for the past 60 days.

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2/2/16 - Virginia State Page Updated for second time.. Only South Carolina is reporting the effective date of not honoring Virginia as still 2/1/16.  See notice on Virginia page for more information.

2/2/16 - Virginia State Page Updated.

2/1/16 - Michigan, Nebraska, New Mexico and South Dakota State Pages Updated. Long Guns In Vehicles and US/RV Carry Documents Updated.

1/30/16 - On Dec 22, 2015, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced effective Feb 1, 2016 the state of Virginia would end reciprocity with 25 states. Currently, Virginia has pushed back the effective date of when they will drop the 25 states they honor now to March 1, 2016 . They are working on legislation to change Virginia law on reciprocity to remedy this situation.

Obviously, in a fluid situation like this, no one can forcast what the end result will be, or keep up with changes as they happen. will do its best to keep you informed of changes in Virginia and other states. That said, until this is settled, you have to use your best judgement regarding remaining legal in Virginia - or other states if you're a Virginia licensee.

1/20/16 - DC, Maine, Texas and West Virginia State Pages Updated.

1/18/16 - Global Links Under "Statistics" drop-down menu "Dept of Just. Pubs" link updated.

1/13/16 - Maine and Georgia Now Honor Each Other . . . Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Maine State Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic., Lic. My State Honors and Non-Resident Permits Documents Updated.

1/6/16 - Florida and Maine Now Honor Each Other. . . . Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine and Oklahoma State Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Documents Updated

1/1/16 - Maine/New Hampshire Now Honor Each Other . . . California, Maine, New Hampshire, Oregon, New York and Texas State Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Documents Updated. Link to Well-Armed Woman added to left panel under Women's Issues.

12/22/15 - Hawaii, New Jersey and Texas State Pages Updated. Next Update Jan 1.

12/9/15 - Delaware Now Honors New Mexico. . . Delaware, New Mexico and Virginia Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Documents Updated.

12-1-15 - Alabama, California, DC, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia State Pages Updated. RV/Car Carry, Long Guns In Vehicles, FAQs and State Restrictions Documents Updated.

11/19/15 - is under attack. For more information, please see the Notices Page. If you have been to the Notices Page recently, remember to refresh your browser.

11/17/15 - Nevada Now Honors Michigan. . . Michigan, Nevada and Texas Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Documents Updated.

11/13/15 AZ Only Honors the ID Enhanced. Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Texas, USA and Wisconsin Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic., Lic. My State Honors and Non-Resident Permit Documents Updated.

11/8/15 - Colorado, Guam, Indiana, Mississippi and U.S. Virgin Islands Pages Updated. Links Checked on All State Pages and FAQ, Forums, RKBA Orgs, Non Resident Permit, Tribal Laws and RV/Car Carry Documents. would appreciate you reporting any broken links by emailing us at Thank you!

11/1/15 - Alabama, Maine and Oklahoma State Pages Updated. Note on Permitless Carry States Added below Map on Each States Page.

10/27/15 - Maine and Pennsylvania No Longer Honor Each Other. Maine, Pennsylvania and Utah State Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Documents Updated.

10/22/15 - Nevada Now Honors South Dakota. . . . Kansas, Maine, Nevada, New York, New York City, North Dakota, South Dakota and Vermont Pages Updated. St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Updated.

10/15/15 - Maine New Permitless Carry Law Goes Into Effect. Maine Now Honors, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee & Utah. California, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee & Utah State Pages Updated. Create-a-Map Notice, State RKBA Orgs, RV/Car Carry, St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Documents Updated.

10/8/15 New York & New York City Pages Updated. State RKBA Orgs Document Updated.

10/1/15 - Connecticut and South Dakota Pages Updated.

9/23/15 - Colorado, DC and New Mexico Pages Updated.

9/15/15 - Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas State Pages Updated.

9/6/15 - Delaware Now Honors the Idaho Enhanced Permit Only. DC, Delaware and Idaho State Pages Updated. Non-Resident Permits, St. Honoring My Lic. and Lic. My State Honors Documents Updated.

9/1/15 - Alabama, Arkansas and Texas State Pages Updated. Page 2 of Knife Laws & RV/Car Carry Documents Updated.